So, you wish to know more about me...? Well then, you may call me Henny -- if you wish for a more personalized experience with us.

I am but a simple college-age student who doesn't quite know the average acceptable time to look at someone before it qualifies as "staring".

I spend a lot of time watching waay too many movies, drawing my interests, playing various video games (including Roblox), overworking my mind learning new hobbies, learning everything about my hyperfixations, and bothering my friends and partner.


they/he -- 20s

As of this moment in time I identify with the terms aroace & genderqueer.
About the Doc'?!?
anime, beanie babies, cartoons/animation, classic literature, collecting, horror media, learning new things, manga, murder mysteries, online gaming, science, tea, true crime (I'm normal abt it), video games...
country music, (most) cheeses, chronic pain, Dead by Daylight rip-off games, filmbros, Genshin Impact, migraines, onions, overpowering smells, proshippers, spiders (especially smaller ones), summer-time...
As stated on the previous page, this site is a new hobby with no real purpose in mind when made. This said I will likely continue to mess with it as long as I still have fuel in my creativity tank. Likewise, if I am inactive for an extended period -- Do not worry! I will be back as soon as I feel like playing around with the nuts and bolts of HTML once more.
Wish to contact me outside of my chatbox or neocities profile? ★ SIKE! Nothing's here yet